Arthur Hayes predicts historic crypto bull market from Tech and Money.

February 20, 2024
1 min read


  • Arthur Hayes predicts a massive crypto bull market fueled by AI innovation and increased money printing by the Federal Reserve.
  • He believes this combination will lead to trillions of dollars in market cap growth within the next few years.

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes has outlined two key factors that he believes will drive the biggest crypto bull market in history. In an interview with Coin Bureau co-host Jessica Walker, Hayes pointed to the potential synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) innovation and a looser Federal Reserve monetary policy as catalysts for significant growth in the total crypto market capitalization.

Hayes argues that AI needs decentralized solutions, including money, compute power, and storage, to truly operate as a separate economic entity from human practices. He also predicts that an increase in money printing by the Federal Reserve, driven by upcoming elections and wars, will lead to significant inflation and, ultimately, a supercycle of technology and money printing.

With these factors in play, Hayes anticipates that the current crypto bull market could see gains of trillions of dollars in market cap, presenting a massive opportunity for the crypto ecosystem. While such growth comes with risks, including inflation and potential taxation, Hayes remains optimistic about the future of crypto in light of these developments.

Overall, Hayes’ analysis suggests that the convergence of AI innovation and increased money printing could pave the way for unprecedented growth in the crypto market, positioning it as a key player in the evolving economic landscape.

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