Africa’s AI shake-up and Dengue defense are top priorities

March 15, 2024
1 min read


  • Africa is pushing for AI regulation to boost its economy, with initiatives in Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya.
  • Brazil is combatting the dengue crisis by vaccinating mosquitoes with bacteria, as cases continue to rise.

In Africa, countries like Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya are embracing AI technology to enhance various sectors, from agriculture to surveillance. The African Union is working on a comprehensive AI policy to regulate and encourage the development of AI in the region, aiming for significant economic benefits by 2030. However, challenges such as when to regulate AI and the lack of infrastructure remain key concerns.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the dengue crisis is escalating, with over a million cases reported in 2024. The country is taking innovative measures to combat the mosquito-borne disease, including vaccinating mosquitoes to prevent the spread of the virus. This approach, supported by the World Mosquito Program, aims to tackle the rising cases of dengue and protect the population from the disease.

This article also highlights other tech-related news, such as China’s stance on the sale of TikTok, the successful launch of SpaceX’s Starship rocket, and the vulnerabilities of AI chatbots to hacking. It also touches on Russia’s online censorship tactics, challenges with internet connectivity in Africa, and the emerging issue of Gamergate harassment campaigns. The piece concludes with a lighthearted look at the fun and interesting aspects of technology, offering readers a break from the more serious news stories.

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