Revolutionary technology set to transform transportation: We can make change.

March 18, 2024
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Breakthrough Technology in Transportation


– South Korean researchers have developed a clean energy breakthrough technology that produces hydrogen without fossil fuels.
– The process involves decomposing ammonia using high temperatures and a catalyst, resulting in high-purity hydrogen fuel with no carbon dioxide emissions.

A groundbreaking new technology developed by the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) has the potential to revolutionize the future of transportation and clean energy. The innovation involves decomposing ammonia to produce high-purity hydrogen fuel without the use of fossil fuels.

The process utilizes a mix of elements and compounds, including ruthenium as a catalyst, to decompose ammonia at high temperatures. This method eliminates the need for natural gas and results in hydrogen fuel with over 99.97% purity and zero carbon dioxide emissions.

KIER’s technology has the potential to power fuel cells for hydrogen electric vehicles, as well as provide a cost-effective way to transport and store hydrogen fuel. The elimination of fossil fuels in the process is a significant step towards reducing air pollution and creating a more planet-friendly energy future.

The research lead at KIER, Jung Unho, believes that scaling up this technology can make a significant impact in the clean hydrogen power sector. With other innovations in hydrogen production underway, such as artificial leaves for solar-powered hydrogen production, the transportation industry may soon see a shift towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

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