Shedding light on how AI powers Congress to work smarter.

January 29, 2024
1 min read

A hearing is set to be held by the House Administration Committee to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can make Congress more efficient. The hearing aims to showcase the benefits and risks of integrating AI technology and gather information on how Congress, as well as other legislative branch entities like the Library of Congress and the Government Accountability Office, can utilize AI. The committee has been releasing monthly reports since September on AI integration strategy, with the most recent report highlighting current use cases of AI in the House of Representatives, such as AI-assisted chatbots and AI automation for constituent correspondence. The committee also sees opportunities for AI to streamline the GAO’s auditing process and help lawmakers improve constituent services.

A top House Republican lawmaker, Chairman Bryan Steil, has expressed the belief that AI can enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of Congress, while acknowledging the risks involved. The hearing, titled “Artificial Intelligence (AI): Innovations within the Legislative Branch,” will focus on how AI is being utilized at the Library of Congress, the Government Accountability Office, and Congress itself. Steil’s committee aims to demonstrate to the American public the transparent use of AI and gather insights on its implementation across various legislative branch entities.

The committee’s monthly reports have showcased several use cases of AI in the House of Representatives, including AI-assisted chatbots, automation for constituent correspondence, and grammatical corrections in bills and speeches. In addition, AI technology is used for internal research conducted by House staffers. Steil emphasized the potential of AI to improve the efficiency of auditing taxpayer spending and aid members of Congress in responding to their constituents. The broader goal of the hearing is to explore how AI can make Congress and the government as a whole more efficient.

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