CBS debuts futuristic technology for the first time ever

February 18, 2024
1 min read

Article Summary


  • CBS is implementing OptiMotion technology into golf broadcasts for in-depth swing analysis.
  • This technology provides factual and data-driven analysis of swings, giving analysts more to discuss on air.

A space-age new technology called OptiMotion is revolutionizing golf broadcasts for CBS. This technology, developed by GOLFTEC, allows analysts to break down swings like never before with over 4,000 data points about every swing. By comparing swings from different players and different time periods, analysts can provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing. This technology has already been tested during the Farmers Insurance Open and will be featured in CBS Signature Events for the remainder of the season.

CBS’ lead analyst, Trevor Immelman, praises the technology for providing objective and fact-based analysis rather than subjective opinions. The integration of OptiMotion in broadcasts allows for a seamless analysis of swings in real-time, impacting the way viewers perceive and understand the game. This technology has the potential to enhance the viewing experience and offer a new level of insight into the world of professional golf.

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