More women needed in AI for tech development and inclusivity.

February 25, 2024
1 min read


Key Points:

  • Diversity in AI workforce essential for removing biases and enhancing ethical standards
  • More women in AI research and development teams can mitigate ethical issues

In an era of rapid technological evolution, diversity in thought and perspective is crucial in the development of transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Women bring a different mental toolkit to the development of AI and can play a crucial role in fostering innovation, mitigating bias, and building a more equitable and inclusive future. Currently, AI research is primarily dominated by men, with only one in four researchers publishing on AI worldwide being women. However, the future is bright for women in AI as the technology presents significant opportunities for them to excel in their careers, overcome gender barriers and unconscious bias, and increase gender diversity in industries where it is lacking. By automating certain tasks within recruitment and workforce management processes, AI can help eliminate bias and open up opportunities for individuals to take on more strategic roles. In conclusion, a more diverse workforce is better equipped to identify and remove biases in AI, and gender diversity is critical for a future where AI reflects and serves all of humanity.

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