Tech transforming procurement business operations for a modern world.

March 13, 2024
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  • Chain IQ is partnering with Kyndryl to revolutionize the procurement business through digital transformation.
  • Chain IQ’s cloud-only strategy and collaboration with Kyndryl has led to enhanced operational efficiency and a modern IT infrastructure.

Procurement is entering a new era of growth characterized by supply chain disruptions, technological advancements, and sustainability requirements. Indirect procurement, which is growing globally at a rate of approximately 7% per year, presents an opportunity for companies to gain a competitive edge. Chain IQ, a leader in indirect procurement managed services, is working with Kyndryl to bridge the gap for its clients by offering strategic procurement solutions.

Chain IQ’s goal is to bring indirect procurement to the next level by providing value beyond cost reduction. By embracing a cloud-only strategy and modernizing its IT infrastructure with the help of Kyndryl, Chain IQ has been able to achieve significant operational efficiencies and better serve its clients. This collaboration has not only simplified Chain IQ’s technology landscape but has also established a modern infrastructure for clients aiming to capitalize on the potential of procurement.

The success of the partnership between Chain IQ and Kyndryl lies in their shared vision of digital transformation and a client-centric approach. By building a secure foundation on Azure and seamlessly integrating new technologies with existing applications, Kyndryl has helped Chain IQ achieve substantial returns on its investment in just five months. The collaborative effort has enhanced employee experiences, improved operational scalability, and positioned Chain IQ for further growth and innovation in the procurement space.

Overall, the collaboration between Chain IQ and Kyndryl has shown that a strategic approach to IT modernization, combined with effective communication, agile decision-making, and a clear understanding of business objectives, can lead to tangible business impacts and pave the way for future success in the procurement industry.

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