Columbia unveils Omni-MAX, the latest in shoe technology for all.

February 21, 2024
1 min read


  • Columbia debuts its newest footwear technology, Omni-MAX, offering versatile cushioning, stability, and traction.
  • The technology is featured in shoes like Men’s Konos and Women’s Konos, both priced at $120.

Columbia has introduced its latest footwear technology called Omni-MAX, which combines versatile cushioning, enhanced stability, and increased traction for maximum wear and performance. The new technology is available in shoes like Men’s Konos and Women’s Konos, priced at $120 each. Omni-MAX joins Columbia’s other footwear technologies like OutDry, Navic Fit, Tech Lite+, and Adapt Trax, providing an all-around upgrade to shoes for enhanced comfort and performance. The technology is suitable for various activities including hiking, fishing, and everyday wear, offering adaptive cushioning, midfoot support, and advanced outsole for cross-terrain grip in wet or dry conditions. With dynamic flexibility, Omni-MAX aims to keep users comfortable and supported throughout the day. Be sure to check out Columbia’s latest footwear offerings featuring Omni-MAX technology for your next outdoor adventure.

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