Alien tech potential in ‘mathematically perfect’ star system under investigation.

February 28, 2024
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Scientists are investigating a star system with mathematically perfect orbits for potential alien technology. The system, HD 110067, contains six planets that orbit harmoniously around their central star. Researchers used the Green Bank Telescope to search for technosignatures but found no evidence of alien technology. The discovery team is refining data on the planets to learn more about the system’s formation and chemical makeup.


A recent discovery of a star system, HD 110067, located 100 light-years away has sparked interest among scientists for potential alien technology due to its six planets orbiting in ‘mathematically perfect’ rhythms. While no evidence of such technology was found, researchers remain optimistic about future observations. The system’s edge-on view from Earth offers a unique opportunity to detect signals that may indicate the presence of advanced civilizations.

The Green Bank Telescope was used to search for technosignatures in the system, but the results did not confirm any technological signals. However, the discovery team is continuing to refine data on the planets using various instruments to understand the system’s formation and chemical makeup. This ongoing research is crucial in the search for extraterrestrial life and understanding humanity’s place in the universe.

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