Scienstry wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 Tech Innovation Leadership Award.

February 28, 2024
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  • Scienstry awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its 3G Switchable Film Technology
  • Scienstry’s technology solves fundamental problems related to smart film and smart glazing

Scienstry has been recognized with the 2024 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan for its groundbreaking 3G Switchable Film™ technology. This technology offers unique advantages in terms of ultraviolet stability, energy efficiency, and projection capabilities, setting new standards in the smart glazing industry. By breaking limitations on smart glass for outdoor applications, Scienstry’s 3G Switchable Film™ provides reliable solutions for various smart glazing applications while addressing issues such as ultraviolet instability and narrow viewing angles.

According to industry analysts, Scienstry’s technology surpasses conventional polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films by offering qualities unsuitable for outdoor and projection applications. The company’s technology has already been successfully implemented in projects across different industries, demonstrating its versatility and potential growth in future developments.

Frost & Sullivan presents this award to companies with innovative products that are gaining rapid acceptance in the market, recognizing the quality and customer value enhancements these solutions offer. Scienstry’s advancements not only revolutionize the smart glazing field but also showcase the potential for future applications that blend digital displays with architectural elements.

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