Can tech bring safer policing? TMJ4 asks experts and mayor.

March 2, 2024
1 min read


Technology and reducing police pursuit risk; TMJ4 asks experts and Milwaukee’s mayor how technology can be used to reduce risks in police pursuits. Mayor Cavalier Johnson is open to exploring the use of technology to make pursuits safer. One option discussed is the use of GPS tracking systems like Starchase, which allow police to track suspects without engaging in high-speed chases.

In response to recent incidents involving innocent people being killed or injured during police pursuits, TMJ4’s Ryan Jenkins investigates the use of technology to mitigate risks. Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson expresses openness to exploring technological solutions to improve safety in police pursuits. Johnson highlights the importance of changing behavior and emphasizes the need for effective measures to ensure public safety.

Jonathan Farris, whose son was killed in a police chase, advocates for the use of available technology, such as GPS dart tracking systems like Starchase, to minimize the dangers associated with pursuits. The Oak Brook Police Department in Illinois has successfully implemented Starchase, demonstrating how the technology can aid in apprehending suspects while reducing risks to both officers and the public. Mayor Johnson expresses support for considering technological solutions that prioritize safety and effectiveness in police operations.

Overall, the article underscores the potential benefits of leveraging technology to enhance law enforcement practices, particularly in the context of reducing the hazards associated with police pursuits. By exploring innovative tools like GPS tracking systems, police departments can prioritize public safety while maintaining effective strategies for apprehending suspects.

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