Discover BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA’s innovative color-changing technology up close.

March 13, 2024
1 min read

BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA Color-changing Technology


Key Points:

  • BWM i5 Flow NOSTOKANA showcases color-changing technology using E Ink
  • The concept car pays homage to South African artist Esther Mahlangu

Take a closer look at the BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA, a concept car that features color-changing technology utilizing E Ink. Developed by Stella Clarke, the car displays Ndebele patterns inspired by artist Esther Mahlangu. Through E Ink technology, the car’s body can change colors using minimal energy consumption. The project represents the synergy between art and engineering, with BMW pushing the boundaries of design through innovative technology.

The glimmering effect of the i5 Flow NOSTOKANA is achieved through E Ink technology, which reacts to electrical charges to change color. This sustainable technology allows for intricate color displays without constant power consumption. Despite challenges with refresh rates, the team has successfully created a dynamic visual experience. The emotional impact of the color-changing concept has resonated with audiences, showcasing the potential for combining technology and art in future automotive designs.

While the i5 Flow NOSTOKANA remains a prototype, BMW continues to explore the possibilities of integrating color-changing technology into future models. The project exemplifies the company’s commitment to artistic collaboration and innovative design concepts. Through prototyping and development, BMW aims to refine the technology for practical applications on the road, ensuring reliability and durability.

As BMW looks towards the future of automotive design, the i5 Flow NOSTOKANA provides a glimpse into the potential for emotionally engaging and visually stunning vehicles. By merging artistry with engineering, BMW continues to push the boundaries of design innovation in the automotive industry.

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