Fairfax cops embrace AI to analyze body camera recordings.

March 14, 2024
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  • Fairfax County Police Department is using AI technology to analyze body-worn camera footage in real time.
  • The technology, provided by Truleo, automatically detects events like use of force, pursuits, and frisks.

The Fairfax County Police Department has partnered with Truleo, a Chicago-based technology company, to implement artificial intelligence technology for the real-time analysis of body-worn camera footage. The AI technology is designed to automatically detect events such as use of force, pursuits, and frisks. Truleo’s platform generates transcripts of audio recordings captured by body cameras, screening for professional and unprofessional language by officers. The transcripts are then sent to supervisors for review and feedback. Chief Kevin Davis emphasized that the technology will only be active when the body-worn cameras are turned on, addressing concerns about privacy. The FCPD’s commitment to technological advancements, including the use of automated speed enforcement tools and license plate readers, aims to improve transparency, community relations, and officer performance. However, some civil rights advocates and researchers have raised concerns about potential misuse and bias in the AI technology, as studies have shown that speech recognition tools may be less accurate for marginalized voices. Despite these concerns, the FCPD sees the implementation of AI technology as a step towards enhancing public trust and meeting the expectations of the communities they serve.

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